Professional Legal Translations

Legal Translations

Legal translations have a distinctive characteristic: the conversion of the source text into the target text should be exact and accurate, and any omission has serious effects on the translated text.

DailyTranslate takes into account the complexity of legal field and concepts, which can vary from country to country. Therefore, our agency works with experienced translators specialized in this field and this is the main reason why more and more clients use our services.

DailyTranslate works with legal translators who are specialized in both philology and legal fields.

You can always count on DailyTranslate for the translation of contracts, laws, articles of incorporation, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates, certificates issued by various institutions or any other legal documents. DailyTranslate guarantees your confidentiality and offers a high quality professional translation.

Professional Legal Translator

Types of legal documents

The legal field is very complex, so legal documents are characterized by distinctive features according to the use and utility. They are classified in several categories:

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  • Translation of commercial and civil contracts
  • Translation of depositions
  • Translation of declarations of repatriation
  • Translation of applications for patents and trademarks
  • Translation of letters of credit
  • Translation of certificates
  • Translation of criminal reports
  • Translation of reports of experts
  • Translation of criminal reports
  • Translation of testimonies
  • Translation of articles of incorporation
  • Translation of court decisions
  • Translation of statutory declarations
  • Translation of non-disclosure agreements
  • Translation of texts of law
  • Translation of government decisions
  • Translation of court verdicts
  • Translation of documents for trademark and copyright registration
  • Translation of licenses