Medical Translations

Medical Translations

Medical Translations play a key role in worldwide development of medicine.

Whether a simple drug leaflet or a comprehensive medical paper, DailyTranslate provides specialized translator for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or any other language. Their experience and linguistic skills allow us to provide you with best quality translations.


Types of medical documents for translation

We will handle your documents at highest level of professionalism, regardless of the type of your source document, so that the final outcome meets your expectations. Specific documents have been created in accordance with their describing elements in order to maintain the exactitude needed in this field.

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  • Translation of instructions for medical devices
  • Translation of drug leaflets
  •  Translation of product presentations
  • Translation of clinical, toxicological, pharmaceutical and biological information
  • Translation of medical software
  • Translation of multimedia applications in medical field
  • Translation of user guides for medical staff and patients
  • Translation of medical equipments, packaging and forms and glossaries of medical terms
  • Translation of medical history of the patients
  • Translation of medical tests results
  • Translation of scientific papers and studies
  • Translation of medical manuals
  • Translation of prescriptions and treatments
  • Translation of medical procedures, standards and regulations
  • Translation of specialized articles
  • Translation of clinical reports
DailyTranslate provides medical translation services in over 100 European and international languages.

The most common language pairs in this field are the languages spoken in the countries having an advanced medical system and emphasizing not only the treating activity in hospitals, but also the research, pharmacy and medial devices.