The right price 5 criteria for evaluating the translation cost

You should evaluate your expectations, the field of the project and the necessary resources you need to allocate to the translation process before assessing the rate you ask for your translation services.

We have identified 5 important points you need to take into account and we recommend you to follow these guidelines, regardless of the translation type you need.

  1. Time is money

… more or less, as the case may be.  Most translation agencies charge a flat rate for urgent projects. If the most important thing is to receive the translation as soon as possible, you should expect to pay extra rates. These rates generally apply per translated page, such as general translations or legalized documents, or they can be negotiated in case of bigger projects.

  1. Quality matters

When quality is the most important thing, you should consider assigning a realistic deadline. It is not recommended to split the project between several translators when the document needs to be consistent. A presentation catalogue should use the same style from the beginning to the end, but contracts and other legal documents can be easily translated by several translators, with the same result, because the specific terminology does not allow the use of synonyms. A glossary of terms – a specific dictionary of the project – is helpful in such cases, in order to keep the same approach and a consistent terminology for all the documents having the same subject.

  1. Rates

If the rate is the only criterion when you choose translation services, you must be aware that the final result will not be of best quality. It is possible that proofreading and editing services be removed in order to cut the cost. If you do not intend to use the translated document for official purposes and you just need to understand the text, these translations made “at first hand” are enough. The rate does not have to be the first criterion if your projects need a creative translation or when you need an interpreter.

  1. The format of the document

If you are able to provide the translation agency with an editable source file, you will pay less. But if the services you ask for also require DTP-ing (text editing) so that the final document looks exactly like the original one, the cost will be higher. The editing cost is usually a standard rate, estimated per page and included in the price list.

  1. Language pairs

The cost of a translation cost depends on the language pairs. If the language pair of a translation project is rare, the cost may rise.

These criteria can help you evaluate the translation quotation in a correct manner. If quality is an important matter, you should choose experienced translators; if a tight deadline is most important to you, a large translation agency with enough resources is your ideal option.

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