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DB Bahn is a railway company based in Germany, and they are also the second largest transport company in the world. They have their headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Their main aim is to provide people with accurate transport services and efficient logistics through rail transport. They also manage passenger travel across Germany, and they have a department that offers effective customer service and provides clients with concise information. DB Bahn also has sub-companies and business affiliates in different parts of the world.

The given task – Translating a 150,000-word document from English to German

Since DB Bahn operates the second-largest transport system in the world, it became very important to be able to relate to all passengers and stakeholders from anywhere around the world. So they required our services to help them translate a 150,000-word document. This document consisted of manuals, consignment notes, guidelines and information sheets. The document was to be translated from English to German and was required by a definite deadline.

As the company was growing rapidly, this translation needed to be well localized and delivered within tight turnaround time.”. However, this was no problem for us at DailyTranslate as we have highly efficient native-speaking German staff who are professionally trained in this field.

How we solved it – utilizing the efficient service of our large body of professional translators

With the excellent collaboration and a great team of German experts, DailyTranslate was able to build a large team that had the capacity to translate the document by the desired deadline. We also made sure that the translation was efficiently localized by our professionals. Given that this was not the first time our staff had handled this type of request we were able to tailor our services to meet the client’s exact requirements. The tone of the final translation was suitable for the intended market and it was achieved within the specified time. The document was adequately proofread to guarantee that the task was efficiently done.

We also used the right tools to makes sure that all the format and original typesetting were not displaced. This ensured that all employees and customers were able to relate to the company better and made developing new business relationships in different parts of the world possible.

The result – more effective communication with a wider range of clients

DailyTranslate was able to help DB Bahn to reach its German audience, and this made sure that their business experienced effective growth. Language barriers were also broken down, enabling international relationships to be easily developed. We also produced translations for their logistics department and this improved their customer service and the number of clients.

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Needed some docs translated and turned around in 24 hours. Job was done in time and with great quality!! I would use DailyTranslate again
Dorian Rev
Great collaboration
BeBe Lindberg
Friendly and professional staff! And easy platform for projects and invoicing. Would love to work again.
Ira Roberth Marketing Manager