Medical translations, who do we choose? 4 essential points to take into account

We have made a list with the most important aspects which should be taken into account by people who plan to use the services of a medical translation agency. We took the decision to make this list because we think that choosing a medical translation supplier can be a very difficult task, especially if the potential client has no experience in this field or has never used this kind of services.

Actually, when you use the services of a translation agency for the translation of your medical documents or other medical related texts, you must check if the translation office meets the following requirements:

1) Medical translations must be handled by translators specialized in medical field, preferably physicians who have attended authorized linguistic courses. Given the difficulty of medical texts which contain many abbreviations, hand writing or even misspellings, we think that only a physician should handle the translation of these texts.

2) It is mandatory that medical translations made by authorized translators be revised by a physician.  Since authorized translators do not have medical training, some of their translations may be grammatically correct, but wrong from the medical point of view.

3) A translation office specialized in medical field may show you a list of the most important projects they have handled(medical literature, scientific works and articles, etc.). The longer and the more varied the list, the more experience the translation office has.

4) If you need to translate large scientific works or articles which will be published in specialized books, you can ask for a test translation no longer than 1 page in order to check the quality of the translation. This will help you avoid disappointment and ensure that the person who translates your document has deep knowledge in that specific field.

We hope this information is really useful and will help you choose the supplier of medical translation services that will satisfy your needs.

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