Marketing, SEO, promotion… Who should we choose?

There have been many cases in which our attention was caught by promotional messages, emails, and advertisements impossible to decipher and which had no chance of achieving the goal they had been created for: promoting some products and services.

A closer look made us understand that the issue was not the message itself, but the way it was translated. We are talking about those translations made by either Google or “secretary’s daughter” who speaks that language, after all, she graduated from a related university or, even better, she spent some time in the country where that language is spoken.

These promoting materials have a big problem, both offline and online: they do not achieve the goal they were made for and, even worse, they can seriously harm the reputation of the companies and show a lack of professionalism.

Another issue that arises during the translation of this kind of texts is that each language/culture has several words which have a different meaning according to the context.

In many cases, the translation does not convey the original message, although it is correctly done. This is why the translator should always find the right form to deliver the initial message of the phrase and adapt it to the general context of the document.

This is the reason why it is better to work with specialized translators if you need to translate your promotional or marketing materials, even if they are published on the Internet. This way, you can rest assured that your efforts pay off. You will also avoid wasting time and money for the simple reason that your message has not been translated correctly.

It is also recommended that you and your staff take an active role in the translation process, especially if the fields are difficult and specialized.

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