Reach to Karen speakers in their language.

The Karen (/kəˈrɛn/) or Karenic languages are tonal languages spoken by some seven million Karen people. They are of unclear affiliation within the Sino-Tibetan languages. The Karen languages are written using the Burmese script. The three main branches are SgawPwo and Pa’oKarenni (also known as Kayah or Red Karen) and Kayan (also known as Padaung) are related to the Sgaw branch. They are unusual among the Sino-Tibetan languages in having a subject–verb–object word order; other than Karen, Bai and the Chinese languages, Sino-Tibetan languages have a subject–object–verb order. This is likely due to influence from neighboring Mon and Tai languages.

We have professional native Karen translators who can handle your project alongside with your DTP needs.

We translate into and from Karen most popular languages and not limited to:

  • English to Karen
  • French to Karen
  • Spanish to Karen
  • Dutch to Karen
  • Italian to Karen

and many more, just get in touch with us for a free translation quote.


Services we provide in Karen

You can also be assured that you can have instant.
Professional Translations

Native translation and proofreading quality for your files, app or website.

Audiovisual Services

Engage with your customers, get worldwide recognition for your brand.

Website Translations

Website translations can grow your business and establish a global footprint.

Types of documents we translate in Karen

We support all types of Karen document translations, including licenses, data analyses, certificates or promotional materials.
  • Reports
  • Business proposals
  • Report analyses
  • Contracts
  • Letters of requirement
  • Employment licenses
  • Operational licenses
  • Achievement certificates
  • Driver licenses
  • Personal ID
  • Letters
  • Emails
  • All types of certificates
  • And many more