Introducing our all new brand identity

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new company logo and website as part of the ongoing evolution of DailyTranslate’s brand.

So why are we making this change? As DailyTranslate evolves, it is important that our brand remains fresh, relevant and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of a dynamic, changing market place. We wanted to make the new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly.

The new logo has been designed to reflect a sense of change while reminding us to remain true to the core values of the DailyTranslate brand – Quality, Service, Confidentiality, Results. The globe represents the integrated language solutions that we provide to our customers worldwide.

Our new tagline “Native speakers only ” identifies DailyTranslate’s core advantage. To every project we work on, we use only highly-educated native speakers of over 100 languages, ensuring that you get the most professional and accurate translation service available.

Our team has worked hard to create this new brand image. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner in the translation industry and look forward to hearing any feedback from you.

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