How to become a successful freelancer translator

It is not easy to be a successful freelancer translator, and freelance translating is not an easy activity. However, if you put enough effort, determination and skills and a bit of luck, you can build the career you dream about.

Following the next 6 steps guarantees your success:

  1.  Be fully qualified

It is obvious that you hold a diploma or a certificate in translation and you passed all the necessary exams to be granted the certificate. However, this is not enough. Like in any other field, you need to stay up to date with all the latest information. Consequently, I recommend you to attend various courses, workshops and field related training sessions which bring you a qualification certificate and maybe a diploma that will help you stand out from your competitors.

  1. Analyze the market

It is recommended to conduct a local survey and identify the potential of your activity (authorized and notarized translations, interpretation, postulation or super legalization of documents). Assess the market opportunities or just conduct a market survey on local population.

  1. Make yourself known!

You need customers: this means people must know about you and your services. Start by promoting your services on Facebook or among your friends or close acquaintances, tell them to recommend you to other people and, if you can afford to allocate a budget, you can use any form of advertising (press, radio, flyers).

  1. Stand out professionally

Ask for the right and reasonable rates and deliver professional and quality translations to your clients. If you want to get good recommendations from your clients, work as a professional translator, deliver quality services and do not miss your deadline.

  1. Work hard

Work hard. We can say it over and over again. Like for any other business, you must work hard in order to be a successful translator. You will sometimes have to work more than 8 hours per day. You will also have to work during weekends or during holiday periods. But those to have succeeded can confirm it: the key to success is, first of all, hard work.

  1. Collaborate with as many translation agencies as possible

This depends on what type of translations you specialize in. If you specialize in literary translations, you can send your offer to publishing houses; if you specialize in legal translations, collaborate with the local Courts and law offices.

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