5 things you should know before asking for translation services

Did you notice the new translation office at the corner of the street and think it would by convenient to use their services next time you need a translation? Think twice. You should choose the right agency for translation services by taking into account many factors – we have created a list of the 5 most important criteria.

Before asking for translation services, check the following points:

  1. Translator’s professionalism

An official qualification level certified by a diploma guarantees the professionalism: the official translation certificate granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony, which also lists the fields of specialization. Jus passing specialized exams and procedures (let’s not forget the bureaucracy) is not a proof of professionalism. The professional certificate in translation is awarded for every language pair and for every specialization field (technical, legal, medical, etc.).

  1. Mother tongue

Mother tongue refers to the first 7 years of the translator’s life – that is, the place where he/she was born and lived.  Best quality translations are made from a foreign language into the native language. Once again, the translation agency will use its experience and large pool of translators and interpreters to assign each project to the right person.

  1. Counts

Word count, to be more specific. The translation cost is calculated according to the word count, although there are some clients or agencies that calculate the rates in a different manner: per page or per target words. It is recommended to compare the offers if you ask for several quotations for a certain project. You should expect to pay more for large documents as well as for more difficult documents.

  1. Deadlines

The deadline for a translation affects the cost and the result. The average output of a good translator can go up to 2,500 words per day. If the field of the document is a highly specialized one and the translation needs to be done by the next day, it is obvious that the document will be split between several translators. The team coordination process guarantees the consistency of the final translation, but you have to pay extra cost. Computer assisted translation tools help managing and ensuring the consistency of the entire translation, but they are not enough.

  1. Source document

When you ask for a translation service, there are source several mandatory requirements that the document should meet. They include consistency and an accessible and editable format (file type). If the .doc file contains images which cannot be opened, the final translation will be truncated. There are some cases when using a glossary facilitates and speeds up the translation process. This is why the services offered by a specialized translation agency – which should become your main translation services provider – will provide you with better and better results.  They will continue to amend the glossary and will be able to finish the translation faster and cheaper.

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