5 signs which show that your business needs translation services

In most cases, people decide to start a family business, without investing too much money. As the owner of a small business that takes the first steps, you look for the most affordable solutions, from cheap meals in your restaurant to a small space for your office. However, as your business grows, you start investing more and more money into your business. This is when you need to ask yourself whether your website should be extended, whether your business should enter the international market and so on.  The following signs indicate that your company needs translation services:

  1. Are you located in an area where a large number of people do not speak your language? If you run your business in a town, it is highly possible that foreign people – who do not speak English or the official language of the country – be interested in your business. In fact, your business could attract Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, French, Arabic, etc. speakers in any European capital. If your business is based in the heart of China Town, you definitely need translation services.
  1. Do you manage a business which targets a group of foreign people? Some activities might be attractive to a large range of cultures, but there are several activities that could be attractive only to a few groups of foreign people. For instance, if you manage an Arabic restaurant, it is very important that your menu is written in Arabic. Arab people will be your first clients.
  1. How does your business grow? Sometimes, you start a business planning to attract a large pool of customers, but later on, your activity focuses on a single field. Maybe you started your business planning to sell your products to everybody, including specialized customers, but after a while you noticed that Arab customers prevailed. Consequently, your next step is to hire Arabic speaking personnel. Also, in order to attract more Arab clients, you will ask for translation services for the translation of your flyers into Arabic.
  1. How do you see your business in the next 5 or 10 years? It is very important to think about future and set your goals for the next 5 or 10 years. For instance, if you manage an IT company and wish to attract customers/companies in different countries, then it is important to translate your website in several languages. Did you know that 80% of the population would rather not read the information written in a foreign language and choose to shop from other websites if they cannot find a site in their language?
  1. Do you see your business growing abroad? Sometimes, people think that their business – such as a restaurant – will remain local. It is however possible that, even with restaurants, their business becomes so popular, then they have to extend it abroad. Chef Knob Matsuhisa opened restaurants in various places, such as New York, Mexico, Milan, Mumbai, Budapest and Beijing. When you extend your business to an international level, you have to use translation and interpreting services to be able to talk to your collaborators, customers and suppliers from those countries.

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