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A skilled team and advanced software enable us to offer online translation services with a short turnaround time. This means that as soon as an order is received for a translation project, it will be immediately taken up by a project manager.  In most cases, we can even deliver online translations of short documents overnight.  Online translation services can ensure delivery within 24 hours, depending on the volume and target language.  For an accurate price estimate and delivery date please contact us.

In the hope of simplifying our procedures, we have set up an online system for placing and taking orders.  This allows our clients the possibility of sending the documents for translation through either a quotation form or an email.

The translation will be sent to the client by email.

The translation process can be monitored by the client, therefore a trip out to the translation office is no longer necessary.

What are the benefits for the client?

  • All information concerning the translation process, rates and deadlines can be requested online by completing a quotation form or by making a telephone call;
  • An order confirmation is placed online by completing a translation request;
  • The document for translation is submitted through the quotation form or by email;
  • The translation is sent to the client through an email;
  • The online translation service can be accessed from home or from the office, avoiding the need for the client to visit the translation company office;
  • The quotation form can also be sent outside of normal working hours.

In addition to the high quality of the online translation services offered, DailyTranslate guarantees confidentiality of all translations carried out.  This operates through a signed service agreement, containing a confidentiality clause, between our office and the client.   Confidentiality is assured by both the Professional translator’s Code of Ethics and by a collaboration agreement that is signed by all our translators when they join our translation team.

We recommend our online operation and team of professionals, made up exclusively of qualified translators with experience and specializations in different fields, as a highly reliable partner.

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Main Fields We Apply Online Translation Services

Legal Field

DailyTranslate provides online translation services in Legal field.

Medical Field

DailyTranslate provides online translation services in Medical field.

Engineering Field

DailyTranslate provides online translation services in Engineering field.

Marketing Field

DailyTranslate provides online translation services in Marketing field.

Tourism Field

DailyTranslate provides online translation services in Tourism field.

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